Blood Orange Segments with Windfall Farm Greens

I know, I usually make desserts — but having a good friend that is a farmer at the best vegetable farm on the East Coast, I had to share. These greens were combined with this odd looking blood orange I found at my grocery store. I mean, really, have you seen an uglier fruit? Plus, check out that 1/2 inch pith!

My friend Hubert is a farmer at Windfall Farms and he brought us these beautiful winter pea shoots. He said the best way to eat delicate greens likes these is to simply dress them with olive oil, salt, pepper and lemon juice — and of course, enjoy. In addition to the blood orange segments, I also added a shaved parmesan cheese. The dish was very crisp and refreshing, and the greens were, well, just damn good. If you are in the New York area I suggest strolling through The Farmer’s Market in Union Square and tasting these lovely greens.

PHOTOS: Danielle Bilton

You can find Windfall’s lime green school bus every Wednesday and Saturday at the Union Square greenmarket.

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