Gimme “S’more Cupcakes” and beer

Last Saturday was a friend’s birthday Crawfish Boil. I offered to make birthday cupcakes, but wanted to do something different. A few nights before the BBQ, Nick and I came up with the idea of making a “S’more Cupcake”. It would consist of chocolate ganache filling topped with a fresh homemade vanilla marshmallow.

It doesn’t end there. We purchased a torch and right before serving the cupcake to our friends, the marshmallows were toasted(!) so they were served with a crispy burnt shell and an gooey mallow filling.

Photos by: Nick Bilton

Photos by: Danielle Bilton

Oh and here are a few photos from Jaime and Bob’s birthday Crawfish Boil. She’s from New Orleans and he’s from Queens. Together, they’re known as “The Funn’s”.

This is what 60 pounds of crawfish looks like

This was all very exciting to us New Yorkers (Note: all the feet surrounding the boil)

The birthday girl chowing down. Mr. Funn himself preping Nick for the 20 lbs of crawfish he is about to consume. Thanks Bob.

7 thoughts on “Gimme “S’more Cupcakes” and beer

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  2. Tara

    I frickin LOVE s’mores. Used to make them in the micro with grahams, choco chips and mini ‘mallows. Pretty good indoor treat, but these look awesome.

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