Monthly Archives: September 2009


This cake was for my husband’s birthday and I didn’t have time to get a great shot of it. It was a chocolate cake with a chocolate pastry cream filling, vanilla bean butter cream and topped off with chocolate ganache. Finally, I served it with a fresh raspberry coulis. The best part of making this cake was the pouring the ganache and watching it find its own path on the cakes walls. While I was pouring the ganache, I paused and looked up to see about 20 of our friends circling around me watching the chocolate drip off the sides in hopes I would offer them a swig.

The next cake was for a sweet 16 birthday party. I was told by my client that the birthday girl loved oreo cookies. Wanting to surprise the birthday girl after the candle blowing, I chopped up some oreo cookies and baked them into the chocolate cake layers.

The zebra print is hand cut fondont on buttercream and brushed with edible silver glitter.

PHOTOS: Danielle Bilton