Monthly Archives: January 2009

Dorie’s Chocolate Pudding with Bacon Toffee

For our Christmas dessert I went to Crate and Barrel and purchased 20 little serving dishes. I filled them with Dorie Greenspan’s chocolate pudding recipe. Then for my toffee, I baked the bacon in the oven until deliciously crisp then let it cool for the toffee.

I broke up the bacon onto the silpat and scattered it all around. Then I evenly poured the toffee (cooked to 350F) onto the silpat evenly covering the bacon. While still warm, I broke up a Toblerone chocolate bar and let it melt to a spreadable consistency.

When ready to serve, I broke up the toffee and placed the shards on top of the chocolate puddings! So easy and elegant. Happy Belated holidays!

Oh and our Christmas spread….