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Latkes with the in-laws!

Happy belated Channukah!

I had the best time making latkes with my sister in-law Leanne Citrone . I had never made latkes before. So she was able to teach me a thing or two, about how to make the perfect one.

She first demonstrated how to shape an oh so lovely looking  latke

Then at the perfect hot temperature, carefully place latkes in a skillet 1/4 of the way filled with oil. Tip: It is easier to use two spatulas for turning the latkes.

I must say, like a good Jewish girl, Leanne had made the perfect round and golden latkes. Mine were a bit smaller, crispier, and very “organic” looking.

The most important thing I took away from making a good latke is, leave it to the Jewish girl to make the best ones.

Leanne with her daughter Willow

Thank you Leanne for being such a great teacher. I had a great time bonding over latkes.


Banana Chocolate Chip and Walnut Muffins

When you have chocolate chips, walnuts, and perfectly ripe bananas, make banana muffins!

These are the best breakfast muffins. The texture and taste, biting into a walnut, then a melted chocolate chip. Perfection.

I soaked the banana in dark rum for about 2 hours at room temperature. Which enhanced the caramel taste in the ripe banana and gave the muffins a kick in flavor.

They baked for about 25 minutes and voila!  I will post the recipe later today, thanks for your patience.

More Pie Please

Yes, I’m about 2 weeks late, I know. These are busy times for a baker. For Thanksgiving I made 2 pies, chocolate pie and pumpkin pie. I used a cream cheese crust for both.

If anyone has any explanation as to why, my first 3 butter crusts just melted and shrunk into a pie crust disk, I would be ever so greatful. I have made the crust many times before, it’s a Melissa Clark recipe from 2 years ago. In the end, I went with the cream cheese crust.

The pumpkin pie recipe is my own which I am still trying to get exact measurements on. The chocolate pie recipe is a Dorie Greenspan recipe. So delicious

Ahhh….French Onion Soup

 Here is my french onion soup cooking away in my dutch oven

Any oppurtunity to add melted cheese to my meal and I’m in.  A soup full of caramelized onions and cheese, you have my heart.  I could quite possibly eat this soup once a day, everyday. When I was about 4 years old I went an entire year eating just peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, just to show you how serious I am.

It just gets better, toasted slices of bread are added

Nick enjoying the fruits of my labor