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Confection at One Girl Cookies in Brooklyn, NY

~Heirloom Apple Crisp~
with Walnut Crumble & Cinnamon Gelato

~Pumpkin Ginger Creme Brulee~
with Pomegranate Orange Sorbet
& Corn Thyme Grissini

~Two Chocolate Sandwich~
Milk Chocolate Mousse Layered Between
Dark Chocolate Puff Pastry
Served with Malted Gelato

Sundried Cherry Chocolate…kirsch ganache
Ginger Squash… vanilla bean whip
Brown Butter Pecan…salted caramel

I had to try the cupcake flight last week instead of my usual tasting. I am glad I made the sacrifice, the ginger squash was really good. Luckily, Nick shared a bite of his tasting dishes with me. I’m a sucker for creme brulee, but the chocolate puff pastry was excellent! Though, nothing beats a nice warm treat like apple crisp on a fall night, cheesy, I know. But you know you love it.

Big iphone cupcakes

As you all remember, Nick and I had made mini iphone cupcakes a few weeks back. This time I was commissioned to make normal sized iphone cupcakes for an iphone fanatic’s birthday. So here they are. Thank you to everyone for all your wonderful posts and all your interest.

Confection at One Girl Cookies in Brooklyn, NY

~Scarlett Poached Pears~
with Chocolate Earl Gray Ice Cream &
a Ginger Lemon Lace Cookie

~French Macaroon Ice Cream Sandwich Duet~
One Filled with Grapefruit Sorbet,
the Other with Tarragon Ice Cream

This past weeks one girl had a romantic feel to it. With the, scarlett poached pears and french macaroons, they also had a ~Maple Pecan Tart~ in espresso graham crust served with butternut squash creme fraiche ice cream. Nick and I made a big dinner, so we were too stuffed to order the tart. I love french macarons so I had to go for the full sized dessert instead of my usual tasting.

I also have a couple of photos from 2 weeks ago’s Confection, but I forgot the name of the desserts. I do remember Francina made deliscious brioche with concord grape jam!

Also, they had a really cute display of various french macarons:

Coming Soon….

So sorry my fellow Tuesday With Dorie-ers (?). I have been so busy lately with everything. I will have a NEW post up tomorrow. I will actually have a few posts. I have to catch up on my CONFECTION posts as well from One Girl Cookies. Thank you for your patience. xx

Here’s what I’ve been up to:

Every year all of our friends and I go beach/car camping in Montauk. And every year, we make a shrimp boil for lunch and chili for dinner by the camp fire.

Jaime & Co. manning the boil.

…..time to attack!

Hither Hills ’08