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Confection at One Girl Cookies

~Red & Pink Plum Parfait~
Red Plum Jello Layered with
with Toasted Pecan Bourbon Cookies

~Peach Cobbler~
Rosemary Roasted Sweet Jersey Peaches
with a Pink Peppercorn Biscuit &
Lemon Scented Mascarpone Ice Cream

~Chocolate Espresso Eclairs~
Filled with Espresso Cream
Custard & Dipped in Bittersweet
Chocolate Glaze, Served
with Black Mint Ice Cream

We live for Friday and Saturday nights. It’s where Nick and I go to Confection at One Girl Cookies in Brooklyn, NY. As always, Francine concocted a tasty spread of desserts accentuating the seasons produce. We also had a minute to chat with Dawn (owner of One Girl along with her husband Dave) and catch up on our summer, as we haven’t been to One Girl in a couple of weeks.

Granola Grabbers

For this weeks Tuesdays with Dorie, Michelle of Bad Girl Baking chose Granola Grabbers.

The cookies were nice and chunky, almost a better version of your typical oatmeal cookie. The cookies had beautiful texture and were simple to assemble.

I only baked off one sheet tray. I like to have fresh frozen dough on hand, because there’s nothing like a freshly baked cookie.

The Black and White Banana Loaf, (the real thing).

Danielle Bilton

Finally! I have a minute to make this weeks TWD recipe! The recipe was chosen by Ashlee of A year in the kitchen

So it was late and a long day, but the thought of waking up the next morning to a slice of this loaf and my yorkshire tea got me excited.

Danielle Bilton

I have a bit of ADD so as I was preping my ingredients, I threw the whole stick of butter in with the chocolate instead of just 2 tablespoons! Before I could stop the microwave, it was all melted and mixed in. My cousin-in-law had these encouraging words to say,”There’s nothing wrong with too much chocolate”  Then, bananas, rum and all, into the oven the loaf went. I found it baked evenly and needed chopped chocolate throughout the loaf, aside form that it was a great way to start my day.

Danielle Bilton

Danielle Bilton

Photos: Nick Bilton

The Black and White Banana Loaf

So I am running a day late for this week’s Tuesdays with Dorie recipe. The black and white banana loaf was chosen by Ashlee of a year in the kitchen. The reason for my delay is I have been so busy with work and stageing for the past 2 weeks at Jean-Georges in New York City. I am in the pastry kitchen of Chef Johnny Iuzzini, (below)

Photo: Steven Richter

working along side his Sous Chef AJ Bellarosa. I am learning so much, and am so greatful everyone in the pastry kitchen has been so generous in sharing their knowledge with me as well as having a lot of patience. I will have a banana post up tomorrow AM. Thanks for checking in!