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Dorie’s Chocolate Pudding with Bacon Toffee

For our Christmas dessert I went to Crate and Barrel and purchased 20 little serving dishes. I filled them with Dorie Greenspan’s chocolate pudding recipe. Then for my toffee, I baked the bacon in the oven until deliciously crisp then let it cool for the toffee.

I broke up the bacon onto the silpat and scattered it all around. Then I evenly poured the toffee (cooked to 350F) onto the silpat evenly covering the bacon. While still warm, I broke up a Toblerone chocolate bar and let it melt to a spreadable consistency.

When ready to serve, I broke up the toffee and placed the shards on top of the chocolate puddings! So easy and elegant. Happy Belated holidays!

Oh and our Christmas spread….

Latkes with the in-laws!

Happy belated Channukah!

I had the best time making latkes with my sister in-law Leanne Citrone . I had never made latkes before. So she was able to teach me a thing or two, about how to make the perfect one.

She first demonstrated how to shape an oh so lovely looking  latke

Then at the perfect hot temperature, carefully place latkes in a skillet 1/4 of the way filled with oil. Tip: It is easier to use two spatulas for turning the latkes.

I must say, like a good Jewish girl, Leanne had made the perfect round and golden latkes. Mine were a bit smaller, crispier, and very “organic” looking.

The most important thing I took away from making a good latke is, leave it to the Jewish girl to make the best ones.

Leanne with her daughter Willow

Thank you Leanne for being such a great teacher. I had a great time bonding over latkes.


Coming Soon….

So sorry my fellow Tuesday With Dorie-ers (?). I have been so busy lately with everything. I will have a NEW post up tomorrow. I will actually have a few posts. I have to catch up on my CONFECTION posts as well from One Girl Cookies. Thank you for your patience. xx

Here’s what I’ve been up to:

Every year all of our friends and I go beach/car camping in Montauk. And every year, we make a shrimp boil for lunch and chili for dinner by the camp fire.

Jaime & Co. manning the boil.

…..time to attack!

Hither Hills ’08

Brown Butter Lavender Cake~ with raspberry honey ice cream & rooibos infused dark chocolate ganache

Last Friday night was our One Girl Cookie outing. I normally do not go for anything lavender, but I had to try the ‘brown butter’ part of the cake. The cake was tasty, and had a burst of brown butter flavor after the first bite. The cake was topped off with a rooibos infused ganache and cocoa nibs. I couldn’t really taste the rooibos flavor, but the chocolate ganache hit the chocolate spot. mmmm. Till next time.

Pardon my French…Macaron

Ever since my trip to Paris, I fell head-over-heels for French macarons. Now, in comparison to the great American chocolate chip cookie, a macaron is the Jane Birkin of cookies. It has taste, clean cut style, and is so sweet. On one of our walks in Brooklyn, we found a Patisserie that had French macarons! I immediately jumped to the counter, and blurted out an order for one of each flavor—only to devour them instantaneously. Délicieux.