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Bazaar Patisserie at the SLS Hotel in LA

Over the holiday break Nick and I were able to go and get pastries at the Bazaar. The restaurant is decorated with items from Moss. Including a gallery of the hottest design items on display.

The pastry display was beautiful!

All the bon bons and lollipops as well as the kitchen right behind it, which is lead by Executive Pastry Chef Micheal Gillet.  We were lucky, Chef Gillet so generously gave us a tour of the restaurant, thank you Chef! Only open a few months and it gets packed at night. Reservations recommended.

The high noon tea is a great way to catch up with an old friend over chocolate covered poprocks, bon bons, and cookies and cakes! Oh my!

Confection at One Girl Cookies in Brooklyn, NY

~Heirloom Apple Crisp~
with Walnut Crumble & Cinnamon Gelato

~Pumpkin Ginger Creme Brulee~
with Pomegranate Orange Sorbet
& Corn Thyme Grissini

~Two Chocolate Sandwich~
Milk Chocolate Mousse Layered Between
Dark Chocolate Puff Pastry
Served with Malted Gelato

Sundried Cherry Chocolate…kirsch ganache
Ginger Squash… vanilla bean whip
Brown Butter Pecan…salted caramel

I had to try the cupcake flight last week instead of my usual tasting. I am glad I made the sacrifice, the ginger squash was really good. Luckily, Nick shared a bite of his tasting dishes with me. I’m a sucker for creme brulee, but the chocolate puff pastry was excellent! Though, nothing beats a nice warm treat like apple crisp on a fall night, cheesy, I know. But you know you love it.

Confection at One Girl Cookies in Brooklyn, NY

~Scarlett Poached Pears~
with Chocolate Earl Gray Ice Cream &
a Ginger Lemon Lace Cookie

~French Macaroon Ice Cream Sandwich Duet~
One Filled with Grapefruit Sorbet,
the Other with Tarragon Ice Cream

This past weeks one girl had a romantic feel to it. With the, scarlett poached pears and french macaroons, they also had a ~Maple Pecan Tart~ in espresso graham crust served with butternut squash creme fraiche ice cream. Nick and I made a big dinner, so we were too stuffed to order the tart. I love french macarons so I had to go for the full sized dessert instead of my usual tasting.

I also have a couple of photos from 2 weeks ago’s Confection, but I forgot the name of the desserts. I do remember Francina made deliscious brioche with concord grape jam!

Also, they had a really cute display of various french macarons:

Confection at One Girl Cookies

Finally a Friday night at our favorite place, One Girl Cookies in Brooklyn, NY.  It has been a while since we last got to enjoy One Girl’s special night of Confection. Here are the delectable desserts we savored:

Ricotta Orange Tart
with Candied Red & Golden Beets
in a Rosemary Walnut Crust

Pear Napoleon
Cardamom Roasted Pear on
Almond Cream & Toasted
Almond Phyllo, Served
with Ginger Beer Sorbet

Dark Chocolate Fondant Cake
with Malted Milk Ice Cream
and Milk Chocolate Mousse

Yes, it does taste as good as it looks! It’s good to be back. Until next weekend…

The Black and White Banana Loaf

So I am running a day late for this week’s Tuesdays with Dorie recipe. The black and white banana loaf was chosen by Ashlee of a year in the kitchen. The reason for my delay is I have been so busy with work and stageing for the past 2 weeks at Jean-Georges in New York City. I am in the pastry kitchen of Chef Johnny Iuzzini, (below)

Photo: Steven Richter

working along side his Sous Chef AJ Bellarosa. I am learning so much, and am so greatful everyone in the pastry kitchen has been so generous in sharing their knowledge with me as well as having a lot of patience. I will have a banana post up tomorrow AM. Thanks for checking in!

Confection at One Girl Cookies

danielle bilton

Perfection. This past Friday night at Confection at the Brooklyn bakery, One Girl Cookies, we were licking our plates clean. I slurped down a medjool date and vanilla ice cream milkshake accompanied by a cardamom spiced french doughnut. Then we moved onto the lemon, olive oil, and almond torte topped with basil ice cream and basil seeds. I’ve been enjoying this wave of olive oil in desserts (ice cream, cakes, french macaroons…etc.). Olive oil is definitely the new lavender. Last, there was the chocolate panna cotta served with whipped creme fraiche and strawberry rhubarb sorbet. Nick is not one for soft textures, he prefers crispy and crunchy anything, as well as everything chocolate. As his eyes popped out of his head, he blurted out to Dave, (one of the owners and pastry chef), ‘This is the best thing ever!’. I thought, What?! ‘Hey Mikey! He likes it!’ I must have this recipe ASAP….Note to Dave and Dawn: may I please have that chocolate panna cotta recipe. Till next time folks.

Brown Butter Lavender Cake~ with raspberry honey ice cream & rooibos infused dark chocolate ganache

Last Friday night was our One Girl Cookie outing. I normally do not go for anything lavender, but I had to try the ‘brown butter’ part of the cake. The cake was tasty, and had a burst of brown butter flavor after the first bite. The cake was topped off with a rooibos infused ganache and cocoa nibs. I couldn’t really taste the rooibos flavor, but the chocolate ganache hit the chocolate spot. mmmm. Till next time.

Pardon my French…Macaron

Ever since my trip to Paris, I fell head-over-heels for French macarons. Now, in comparison to the great American chocolate chip cookie, a macaron is the Jane Birkin of cookies. It has taste, clean cut style, and is so sweet. On one of our walks in Brooklyn, we found a Patisserie that had French macarons! I immediately jumped to the counter, and blurted out an order for one of each flavor—only to devour them instantaneously. Délicieux.

Back to the U.S.S.R

Friday night, good friends of ours hosted a dinner at a Russian restaurant in New Jersey called ‘Maximum’. In addition to a bountiful fruit platter, they served apple and grape strudel (pictured above). When I took a bite of the strudel, I was pleasantly surprised at the flavor of the cooked grapes. They were plump, juicy, and just sweet enough… and it was MUCH better than the gray cow tongue!