7 Cleaning Tips and Tricks to Keep Things Cleaner Longer

Cleaning our homes and keeping our homes clean is a mission that no one likes. It is normally really hard work to clean our homes. However, if you know these 7 cleaning tips and tricks, you will be able to have a cleaner home, for longer. These tips and tricks will keep things cleaner for longer.

  1. Keep dust away

The one thing that most people don’t know about, is that if you don’t have the correct humidity in your home, you’re going to struggle with dust, a lot more than with the person who have the correct humidity levels in their home.


To be able to get the right humidity levels, you need to adjust your levels to more add more humidity in your home. The more humid your home, the less you’re going to struggle with dust. It is best to keep your humidity levels between 40% and 50%.

  1. Shower glass doors


Another thing that’s hard to keep clean is the glass showers doors. Soap stains can really let a shower door look dirty, even if you’re cleaning it, frequently. But, there’s a much faster and easier way to keep your glass shower door cleaned.

The secret in glass shower doors, is to buy the cleaner that’s automatically cleaning the soap stains of the glass door. If you’re using the best possible product, you will only need to clean the door every couple of weeks.

  1. Preventing stains on your countertops

Staining your countertop is happening frequently and can be really tough to get out. It doesn’t look great if you have great countertops that are full or stains that you can’t get out.


The best way to get rid of stains on countertops is to prevent it from happening. And, we all know that preventing stains on the kitchen countertops is impossible. However, there’s a countertop sealer that’s making sure that even if you’re spilling red wine on the countertop, which it will just wipe away, without leaving a stain. It will be great to have the best looking countertops that will not stain, ever again

  1. Your furniture and carpets

Furniture and carpets needs to be cleaned also, and if you have pets and small children, you know that cleaning your furniture and carpets isn’t enough to make sure that it keeps clean. Then, you need to have another secret to make sure that you don’t clean as often.


There’s a protective furniture spray that you can use to protect your furniture from any dust and spills.  With this spray, you will not need to clean your furniture as often as normally, and you don’t need to scrub anything.

You can also buy and apply a sealer once a year, after you have deep cleaned the wooden furniture. This will also let your furniture look great, and will be easier to keep it cleaned.

  1. Quick cleaning touch ups

We don’t always like it to clean every day, but if you’re doing some quick cleaning touch ups every day, you don’t need to clean your house thoroughly as frequently as what you normally would.

It might seem like more work to do daily cleaning touch ups, but the fact is that if you’re cleaning a little bit, every day, you will not need to clean the whole house at once. And, this is what is taking such a long time to do.  It is a whole lot easier to do quick cleaning touch ups than to clean the whole house at once.

  1. Cleaning your broom frequently


If you want to make sure that you have a cleaner home for longer, is to make sure that you’re cleaning your home on a regular basis. The one thing that many people don’t realize, is that if you’re not cleaning your broom after each use, you’re just spreading the dust from the one place to another.

Brooms are collecting the dust, and it can stick to the broom. If you don’t clean the broom, you can just as well stop cleaning your floors, because you will never have clean floors with using a filthy broom. It is also important to replace your broom the moment that the hair on the broom is starting to fall out. This is an important sign that the broom is getting old and that the broom will not work as what it should.

  1. Dusting everywhere

It doesn’t help if you’re only dusting on the furniture and sweep the floor. It is also important to make sure that you’re dusting and cleaning the air vents. But, you don’t need to stress, there’s an easy way of cleaning the air vents. You can use your vacuum cleaner and clean the vents without any problems. If your air vents are dust-free, you will not need to dust as frequently as what you normally would do.

Cleaning your home can be a daunting task, and there’s no one that likes cleaning their homes. But, if you remember all these tricks and tips about keeping things tidier and cleaner for longer, you will not take as much time to clean like you did before.

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